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About our Detailing Service

Valeting Direct are constantly changing and testing different products to develop our valeting. Paint finishes are very vulnerable to the elements and abrasive cleaning and to address this, Valeting Direct have created their very own Detailing Department.

When looking at your vehicle in certain light conditions or angles, you may see that the paint surface contains minor scratching and swirls marks. The only way to rectify this is by a machine polisher, (only to be used by trained professional valeters). Before any paint rectification are carried out, all areas of the paint work are measured and recorded so as we are fully aware how much paint is on the vehicle, enabling us to give the best results possible. A full machine polish can take from four to twelve hours.



 Airglide is a semi-permanent protection coating that visually creates stunning results by improving the look of the colour of your vehicle whilst also protecting the paint work. It is so unique, because unlike waxes or polishes, Airglide remains on your vehicle for up to 5 years – guaranteed.

No more washing, no more polishing and better fuel efficiency!!!!