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About our Interior Service

valeting direct van
Modern day car companies use a variety of fabrics, plastics and leather materials to place them above their competitors. The downside to this is all those finishes need a variety of different products to care for them correctly. Once again Valeting Direct prides itself in our knowledge and commitment to be at the forefront of all the products necessary to achieve this. Not only do we have the product knowledge, we use the most up to date cleaning and water extraction equipment. As a customer you will not be left with extreme damp inside your vehicle once it is cleaned. We are also able to deodorise your vehicle removing all those nasty bacterial smells and leave your vehicle smelling lovely and fresh.

Leather interior, although generally hard wearing, needs specialist care once or twice a year. We are able to clean and protect all leathers surfaces, keeping it looking clean and fresh soft and supple. Therefore prolonging its life and preventing it from drying out and cracking.


About Our Vans

All our vans are self-contained with water and electricity on board, and fully equipped with all possible valeting or detailing issues.